Established in 1974 with only a bachelors degree program, Master's and Doctorate programs were begun in 1987 and 1992, respectively. Then in 1991, the number of undergraduate students was greatly expanded. We are the sole institution in Taiwan to offer an Aquaculture degree at all BS, MS and PhD levels. International master program in aquaculture, which sponsored by International Cooperation and Development Fund - Taiwan was established since 2003.
Educational Goals  
Our goal is to provide well-trained specialists in aquaculture. Focus areas are in science, technology, research and ecological conservation. We have 20 full-time faculties, consisting of 11 professors, 6 associate professors and 4 assistant professor and 5 part-time associate professors.

Research Focus  
We have 6 major research areas in the department:
1) aquaculture ecology, 2) genetic breeding and physiology, 3) high-nutrition feed and live feed, 4) fish pathology and microbiology, and 5) management and system analysis, 6) molecular biotechnology.

Specialized facilities are key to our work. We have established a research aquarium and a shore field station in Keelung for undergraduate aquaculture experiments. The Department is well-equipped with a wide variety of facilities for research and teaching in specialized sub-fields.

Medium-term plans focus on the development of NTOU's second campus, in Ilan country. We plan for a hectare Aquaculture Center to be constructed. With this facility, we can give greater emphasis to education and research, including specialized training to Taiwan and international trainees. As well, we will increase our supply of high quality fish and shellfish seed to farmers.
Degree Programs  
140 credits are required (general requirements: 28 cr; professional requirements: 70 cr; electives: 42 cr)
30 credits are required (thesis requirements: 6 cr; seminar: 3 cr; electives: 21 cr)
30 credits are required (thesis requirements: 12 cr; seminar: 4 cr; electives: 14 cr)
Foreign MS Program
30 credits are required (thesis requirements: 6 cr; seminar: 3 cr; electives: 21 cr)